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Getting a Logcat

Table of contents

  1. What's a logcat
  2. Retrieve logcat from your phone
  3. Retrieve logcat using adb

1. What's a logcat

In layman's terms, it is just a log that contains many outputs from the Android system. Logcats are extremely helpful for developers to analyse the problem that appears from their creations.

To retrieve a logcat, there are two methods, one from your device itself and another is through the adb on your computer.

2. Retrieve logcat from your phone

You can get a logcat from your phone. In this section, we will be demonstrating on how to retrieve a log from the all famous CatLog app. You may use any other log-fetching app of your choice, but, the steps below won't be compatible with the other apps.

  1. Open CatLog
  2. Grant superuser permission if you haven't done so.
  3. Tap on the action overflow (or better known as "menu") icon on the navigation bar. Or if your device has a physical menu button, tap / click it.
  4. Tap on Record
  5. A prompt will appear asking for a file name. The choice is yours. The log type should be left as is (in this case, "verbose")
  6. Once the record is started, recreate the problem that you have faced.
  7. Once done, slide down your notification drawer and tap on Catlog's notification item. The recording will stop and the file will be exported.
  8. Locate the exported log inside your internal storage.
  9. Submit the logcat

3. Retrieve logcat using adb

You can also retrieve a logcat through an adb on your computer. In this section, we assume that you have adb already installed on your computer. If you haven't, you might want to check out this guide as well.

  1. Enable "USB debugging" mode of your device in Settings → Developer Options.
  2. Open a terminal shell (Linux / Mac) or command prompt (Windows).
  3. Connect your Android device through USB cable.
  4. On your terminal / cmd screen, type in adb devices. You should see a device listed here.
  5. On the same window, type in adb logcat > log.txt. The terminal window wont give you a new line to type on. The adb logcat is currently running and is outputting content into a text file named "log.txt".
  6. Redo that particular something that causes MaxLock to cause problems or crash.
  7. Once done, immediately send a stop signal ^C. On your terminal / cmd screen, press Ctrl + C
  8. Submit the "log.txt" file.