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  1. Are you happy with MaxLock?
  2. Good things are better when shared

Are you happy with MaxLock?

MaxLock is different from any other app-lockers. Other app-lockers uses background polling to determine unlocked apps. Background polling? The app-locker's process will run in background with your other apps and it resides in your RAM. Not only that, in worse cases it will also wake your phone's CPU when it is harmoniously sleeping.

This is where MaxLock comes into action. Using the powerful Xposed framework, MaxLock runs with the xposed daemon, throughout your daily usage of your mobile device. This greatly saves your precious memory and indirectly, your battery as well. Additionally, it also provides security to a whole new level due to the use of the Xposed framework.

Good things are better when shared

Do you have a friend or anyone you know that loves android?

If they are as adventurous like you do and has Xposed installed, you might want to suggest them about MaxLock! They might really love it!

You can tell them about the app by sharing the app through the Play Store page, or, by pasting the link to the MaxLock's thread in xda-developers!