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Proper Bug Reporting and Feature requests

Table of contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Types of bugs
    1. Crashes
    2. UI Abnormalities
    3. Preferences not Saved
    4. Rogue Apps
    5. Other problems
  3. Giving feature requests
  4. Submitting a report

Every software has bugs, and MaxLock is no exception.

Though the developer try his hard to make sure MaxLock work perfectly on your device, however, the variations of Android ROMs and devices can still put an impact on the level of stability MaxLock has.

As a user, it is essentially vital to report any bug they ever face throughout their use of MaxLock. However many users do not know how to properly report a bug, and always submit a report with little to no helpful content for the developer. Properly reported bug is important so that the developer can easily diagnose and recreate the bug and in the end squash it.

2. Types of Bugs

2.1. Crashes

If you faced a crash dialogue (or precisely Force Close), you might want to report the incident to the developer, even if it happens once. MaxLock can crash with a notice e.g the "force close" dialogue. This should be noticeable when you are performing something with MaxLock. It can also be unnoticeable, usually can be find out when you tried to open an app but the lockscreen does not show up.

To report the incident you will need to have these requirements:

2.2. UI Abnormalities

UI abnormalities can be found when you are interacting with the MaxLock components, like its app and its lock screen. Abnormalities covers from weird placement of button or container to accessability issues. Simply put, anything of the interface that you see seemed weird, might actually be a UI abnormality.

To report the incident you will need to have these requirements:

Make sure that the UI abnormalities are from the MaxLock components itself and not from other components of your system. There might also be a great chance that a theme or framework tweak on your device that causes the abnormalities. If this is the case, the fix is not in the hand of the developer. You might want to test again in a vanilla environment, with the default Holo theme applied.

2.3. Preferences not Saved

This is quite common on the software world. It is a situation where you have chosen a particular option and save it, but it didn't save. Before reporting, you might want to retry thrice.

To report the incident you will need to have these requirements:

2.4. Rogue Apps

The MaxLock locking mechanism is crafted generally for all apps. The mechanism however may not work for some apps. This can be find out by locking a particular app and then try to access it. If the app can't be locked by the current MaxLock's mechanism, it is a "rogue" app.

To report the incident you will need to have these requirements:

Though the developer will try his best to make sure the app will be locked in the future, no promise is given to the users that such app will possibly be locked in the future.

2.5. Other problems

There might also be other problems rather than the one stated here. If this is the case, you might want to be sure if it is really MaxLock causing all the chaos on your device. You might also want to present reliable and relatable information so that the developer can analyse the problem more precisely.

3. Giving feature requests

Do you have an interesting idea that you think will make MaxLock better in the eyes of other users? If so, you can write your idea about it and send to the developer.

Tell your idea in a very interesting way and explain thoroughly all the things and what not. If your idea is interesting, it might be developed and put into the MaxLock app.

4. Submitting a report

If you have a report to send to the developer, you can do so by either