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Getting Started

Table of contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Setting up your lockscreen
  3. Choosing which apps to be locked
  4. Ending

Upon opening MaxLock, you will be greeted with the main page containing many options for you to choose. If you have just installed this module, please enable MaxLock in your Xposed Installer and reboot your device.

Setting up your lock screen

  1. To set up your lock screen, you will first need to tap on "Locking Type" under the "Lock" section

  2. You will be then presented with 4 available options. Choose your desired locking type.

  3. After completing the on-screen wizard / form, you have successfully enabled your lock screen. However there are no apps yet to be locked. Kindly follow the next steps.

Choosing which apps to be locked

  1. From MaxLock's main screen, tap on "Choose apps" under the "Choose apps" section.

  2. To select an app just tap on the "Off" button. As per to logic, if the app is selected to be locked, a gear icon and the text "On" will be shown on the button otherwise "Off".

First-time setup is done!

Those were the basics on how to get your MaxLock set up. It is extremely recommended to read other topics if you wish to make use of the functionalities that MaxLock provides! Have fun!