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Excessively asked questions

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  1. Password forgotten
  2. Knock code dividers missing

I forgot my password, can't access my device, nothing works, halp!!

Q: How can I reset my password in case I forgot it?

A: Since MaxLock is built to be secure, this isn't that easy. There are multiple things that prevent it, whether you have the Package Installer and/or Play Store locked, the device admin of MaxLock enabled, Settings locked, etc.
The most reliable way of removing MaxLock is using Xposed Safemode. For that, you need to reboot your device, and repeatedly press power or volume keys while booting. Xposed will give you haptic feedback and tell you when you have pressed often enough. After having booted up, all of your Xposed modules including MaxLock will be disabled. Then, you can easily disable the device admin and clear data of or uninstall MaxLock from settings.

Knock code dividers missing!!111

Q: I have knock code dividers enabled in settings, but I can't see them!

A: This is intended. Since MaxLock version 5.2, MaxLock uses a relative knock code design, means you can input your code anywhere on the screen you want and don't have to follow any hardcoded divider lines. MaxLock calculates center lines for both axes, and then dicides in which quadrant your input was.
So why is there that settings anyway? Because it still manages the divider between title and container, that's why it says "Hide divider", not "dividers".

Only relock apps when screen got turned off

Q: I only want to have my apps relocked once I turned off the screen. Is this possible?

A: Yes. Open MaxLock, navigate to I.Mod, and enable the "Global delayed re-lock". Then, set the timer to the highest value possible. At the moment, that is 60 minutes. Then, enable "Auto-reset I.Mod" at the bottom, and you're done!